A Brand New Focus

Why Buy When You Can Hire?

  • Need your edge bander pre milling cutters serviced?
  • Can’t afford the downtime?
  • Can’t justify the expense of a second set?
  • Feel trapped by the expense of replacement tips?




More Freedom

You chose the time that suits you to service your tooling.


Less Investment

Do away with purchasing a second set of tools, or the expense of a full set of new inserts.

Normally your pre milling cutters will last 12 – 18 months before they are blunt. Commonly the tools can be sharpened 4-5 times. So, over the life of your machine why bother with the extra expense?


Continued Production

Reduced downtime and increased customer satisfaction.


Maintain The Highest Quality

Your tooling will be serviced on the very latest equipment


How Does it Work?

It’s simple!

We send you a hire set of tools for a two-week period. During this time we service your tools.
Once we return your tools, you return our tools.


What Machines Does it cover?

It covers the most common brands currently in the market


How Does it Compare To Other Options?

Other options are:
- Buy two new heads $2260 aprox
- Replace your diamond inserts $3340 aprox


Salestech Hire & Service Starting from $958


*Terms & Conditions apply


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