The success story of a quiet saw blade

AKE revolutionised sawing back in 2013 with a completely innovative product design. It lacked several conventional elements of traditional saws, such as large chip gullets or relatively wide basic body and tooth shapes.

The functional principle is equally revolutionary. The chips produced by sawing are not solid, but instead crumble. Immediately after the cut, these are directed into the innovative ChipBelt – a slightly recessed area on the edge into which the crumbling chips are directed and discharged, providing the precise diamond teeth with space to work.

The SuperSilent circular saw blade is the first tool to use the innovative Cutting 2.0 principle: Less wasted material, with longer tool life and incredibly quiet operation.

An award-winning tool

The SuperSilent has received numerous awards and is the flagship product made by AKE

The SuperSilent – the highlight of trade fairs in from 2013 to 2015

The SuperSilent has not only impressed crowds at live presentations at specialist trade fairs in recent years, but has also impressed customers who have put it to successful use in practice. The SuperSilent range has won numerous awards, and will be continued to great success in future as well. The innovative Cutting 2.0 principle and the further development of the SuperSilent have enabled steady expansion into new areas of application. For instance, the first SuperSilent for vertical panel sizing saws was developed in 2015.