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  1. Cutting “steel laminate”

    Cutting steel laminate and MDF / chipboard are things which obviate each other. The geometry and parameters for the laminate cutting are not able to cut the MDF...

  2. AKE at Ligna Exhibition 2019

    The recent Ligna Exhibition 2019 held in Hannover, Germany was a success, with more than 90,000 visitors from over 100 countries attending. Ligna is the largest global timber...

  3. Join Salestech at the 2019 Ligna exhibition

    Come and join Salestech at the Ligna exhibition in Hannover, Germany on 27th – 31st May 2019. Ligna is the largest timber exhibition in the world, showcasing woodworking and wood processing plant, machinery and tools from international brands and companies.

  4. How to improve your quality of cut when nesting – the value of the surfacing tool

    An often-overlooked part of the nesting puzzle is surfacing / calibrating the spoil board.  This tool is often referred to as surface plaining tool, decking cutter, calibration cutter amongst others. Its function is to remove a layer from the top of the spoil board to calibrate its thickness for the machine, in the case of a new spoil board or remove all grooves caused by the nesting process in the case of existing spoil boards.

  5. Salestech  - Parts for wood chipping, slicing, peeling, flaking – Providing the Perfect Cutting Solutions

      Salestech Chipper Knives are suitable for a range of industries, including saw milling, pulp & paper, plywood and veneer industries for processing both hard and soft woods...

  6. Chipper Knife Holders
    13 February

    Chipper Knife Holders

    Material Chipper knife holders are manufactured from various sizes of steel bars (M-1020 or A-36).   Manufacturing Process Steel bars are cut to desired length. Bars are then...

  7. Machining Compact Laminate

    Image source: Nufurn Commercial Furniture Compact laminate is a decorative panel with a broad variety of uses. It is known for strength and durability due to thermosetting resins...

  8. Get a clean cut even on the most brittle materials

    When looking for saw blades, there are two important factors to consider: consistent cut quality and price. The industry is constantly looking for clean cuts to help them...

  9. Feedplate Maintenance
    16 October

    Feedplate Maintenance

    Tools and parts should regularly go through check and maintenance to ensure that they continue to perform well, and this includes feedplates. Before you begin your feedplate maintenance...

  10. Improving wood chip quality

    One of the most important qualities of good wood chips is consistent thickness. For example, using consistently sized wood chips can reduce mechanical jams of the fuel feeding...

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