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  1. Invest in chip quality and increased up time

    In today’s world where chip quality is critical, and downtime is the enemy of mill managers the world over Salestech strive to offer tailored solutions, ensuring you end...

  2. Using Harmony tools for precision in your jointing fold cutter

    Harmony tools are jointing fold cutters that are tailor-made to align with the requirements of the latest laser cutting technology.

  3. Harmony – maximum precision for the best possible results

    Harmony tools are suitable for use on all machines and materials used in modern furniture making. The new AKE Harmony jointing cutters are designed specifically to meet the requirements of...

  4. SuperSilent – a revolution in saw blade technology

    The success story of a quiet saw blade AKE revolutionised sawing back in 2013 with a completely innovative product design. It lacked several conventional elements of traditional saws, such as large...

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