Higher speeds and feedrates are possible up to optimum feed / speed ratio. The aggregates report operating condition fluctuations during processing to the machine control. The control can intervene in the processing if necessary. By constantly observing operating conditions the aggregate is used to its maximum potential in a safe and controlled manner, thus improving overall production efficiency.

If required, regardless of the machine control, an application can be used to access the condition of an aggregate at any time.

Optimized Service Intervals

An integrated lifetime counter reports all necessary service intervals. With an accurate indication of real working hours, it is possible to build a precise, predictable and cost-effective maintenance plan.

Wear inspection

The sensors in the aggregate monitor all critical parameters in real-time. All data is collected and analyzed in the AC4.0 chipset and in case of exceeded parameters, an alarm is sent to the machine. The machine control can intervene if needed. Depending on the condition the operation can be stopped or can be finished with reduced working parameters to prevent damages in the aggregate.

Remote Servicing

Through our sophisticated platform every aggregate can be monitored anywhere in the world to meet customer demands. By means of established normal conditions and real-time data collection, the status of an aggregate can be determined remotely. Based on this information proper maintenance decisions can be made.


Software suitable for PC, tablet and smartphone

Increased Performance Because Of:

  • Connection between machine and aggregate.
  • Constant monitoring of operating limits.
  • Controlled scaling of feed and RPM based on aggregate feedback.
  • Definition of an acceptable operating corridor.

Increased Aggregate Lifetime Because Of:

  • Accurate measurement of lubrication and maintenance intervals.
  • Indication of tool condition through vibration feedback.
  • Wear inspection based on actual operating intervals.
  • Early warning of aggregate overload.

Cost Reduction Because Of:

  • Early detection of failure due to constant monitoring of aggregate condition.
  • Optimum aggregate performance achievable through real-time feedback.
  • Minimized down-time due to accurately projected service intervals.
  • Monitoring through common consumer devices.
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