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Bore Tools

Bore cutters for the wood and furniture industry

AKE offers a variety of arbor-mounted tools for any applications involving cutting wood and wood-based materials, ensuring the best possible results for tradespeople and industrial applications. Our tool solutions in the area of milling tools are also among the leading products in the field.

Milling Tools for manual feed

From traditional rebate tooling through to multi profile tooling for the most exacting applications the AKE range of tooling has you covered.

Tooling highlights include:

  • Disposable tipped jointing, rebating, grooving, jointing and profile tools
  • Brazed tipped grooving, rebating and special application tooling
  • Diamond Tipped (PCD) tooling including the jointing cutters able to brilliantly machine material from solid timber through to wood-based materials (eg MDF, OSB, particle board) and even exotic materials such as compact laminates.

Milling Tools for mechanical feed

Tooling used on automated planning lines, edge banding machines and continuous production lines require quality and precision whether formatting, rebating or profiling. Materials being processed vary from wood materials through to challenging special materials.

With these parameters in mind the new generation of tooling strictly follows the Cutting 2.0 principle. This principle places particular emphasis on chip discharge by preventing repeated chip cutting and using cutting edges with deep axis angles, providing exceptional tool life and remarkable surface quality.

To read more about this technology please read our article below.

Cutting 2.0 AKE Edge Bander Pre-Milling Tools – For Better Cut Quality And Longevity

The patented Cutting 2.0 AKE edge bander pre milling tools will enable better cut quality, longer life, especially on difficult to process materials. Read our full news article about the The patented Cutting 2.0 AKE Edge Bander Pre-Milling Tools – For Better Cut Quality And Longevity

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