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CNC Router Tooling Installation And Care

by Dipak Patil
CNC Router Tooling Installation And Care

CNC Router Tooling Installation and Care

All tools are subject to wear and tear, but the longevity of your tools also depends on usage and care.

Firstly, you have to get the foundation right – the correct torque is essential.

Torque is defined as the measure of a force’s tendency to produce torsion or rotation about an axis.

When setting up tools in collet chucks, it is of utmost importance to ensure the chuck is tightened to the correct torque. Under- or over-tightening misaligns the tool, causing the tool to underperform or break.

Standard collet chucks – 110 Nm

HP collet chucks – 180 Nm

To achieve a consistent result, ALWAYS use a torque wrench to know when a particular torque spec has been reached. Otherwise, you are only guessing.

Take no chance. Go for a one-off investment in a Set Up Kit.

Version Set Part Number Parts Price
HSK63F HSK63setup 10203818 Torque wrench

10203820 Hook end

10163755 Master clamp


$737 + GST
SK30 SK30setup 10203818 Torque wrench

10203822 Hook end

10163754 Master clamp

$791 +GST

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