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Cutting 2.0 AKE Edge Bander Pre-Milling Tools – For Better Cut Quality And Longevity

by Dipak Patil

The challenge for industrial customers is ensuring the very best consistent edge quality in a variety of materials, colours and finishes. Changing tools is expensive, time consuming and can result in machine recalibration – often done by outside contractors.

The patented Cutting 2.0 AKE edge bander pre milling tools will enable better cut quality, longer life, especially on difficult to process materials.

  • New V-Line Chip Space will guide the chips directly behind the teeth!
  • Reduced multiple chipping and improved lifetime!
  • Significantly reduced noise level!

The new V-Line chip space

It’s a direct result of the cutting 2.0 design.
From 2015/16 on, this is the chip space design for all AKE Standard, AKE Harmony versions, as well as for all new CNC jointing and rebating cutters.
It is a basic for our parametric construction!

Tip design and chip flow comparison:

AKE – the chips will be evacuated without multiple chipping.

Here you can see that the chips have no chance to be evacuated, they will be cut more than once.


Cutting 2.0’s proven performance

High performance – tested!
RPM: 12.000
Feed speed: 25m/min
Material: Chipboard with Melamine
Average lifetime (after 6 resharpenings): 91.000lm per lifetime!
Competitor tool: 20.000lm

For more information on edge banding tools, please call us at 03 9553 1883.

Tool after 50.000 linear metres (lm)