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Get A Clean Cut Even On The Most Brittle Materials

by Dipak Patil
Get A Clean Cut Even On The Most Brittle Materials

When looking for saw blades, there are two important factors to consider: consistent cut quality and price.

The industry is constantly looking for clean cuts to help them produce better finish quality and consistency, as well as reduce waste. The blade quality is especially important if you are cutting expensive or brittle mouldings and need the very best finish.

Most customers expect quality to cost a bit more and are willing to pay for it, but are you paying too much for high quality saw blades from your current supplier?

AKE SalesTech carries a range of circular saw blades, including the Universal circular saw blades. The Universal Plus is our improved Universal circular saw blade for cross cuts and mitre cuts.

The unique tooth configuration of the Universal Plus allows the highest cutting quality and tear-free edges in a great variety of materials and applications, most suitable for the cutting of mitres.

The tooth configuration greatly reduces the cutting pressure, ensuring the very best cut quality even on the most brittle materials, including composites.

The Universal Plus circular saw blade is able to suit the most popular machines in the market, including the Brevetti.

Your advantages with Universal Plus:

• Specific tooth geometry, aggressive cutting angle
• Very high number of teeth
• Low cutting pressure
• Optimised noise level due to special laser ornaments

To find out more about the Universal Plus circular saw blades, contact AKE SalesTech today. With our technical expertise and extensive experience in the industry, we are committed to providing you with only the best.