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Harmony – Maximum Precision For The Best Possible Results

by Dipak Patil
Harmony – Maximum Precision For The Best Possible Results

Harmony tools are suitable for use on all machines and materials used in modern furniture making.

The new AKE Harmony jointing cutters are designed specifically to meet the requirements of laser edge cutting technology. With their sophisticated cutting edge geometry, they are able to achieve exceptional milling quality with excellent tool life, even when working with fragile décor.

The new AKE Harmony diamond tools can be used on stationary and throughfeed machines to machine any materials, including solid wood in particular, cost-effectively and to an outstanding level of quality.

Harmony jointing cutters significantly reduce tool costs thanks to their increased tool life, while also improving product quality.

Harmony tools can be resharpened anywhere in the world on any diamond eroding machines with no additional equipment required.

The newly developed jointing fold cutter (below) now offers the benefits of Harmony tools for use on table milling cutters as well. Thanks to its large axis angle, its newly developed folding cutting edge and its special chip gullets, this impressive tool can carry out folding and milling operations without causing tears.a


  • Extrmely Smooth Surfaces
  • Perfect Edges
  • No Tearing when machining transverse banded edges
  • Ideally suited for Zero Joints and Laser Technology
  • Low Rework Required


  • Extremely Cost-effective
  • Harmony can handle any material
  • Optimised for servicing
  • Long service life
  • Low costs per part

LIVE Harmony demonstration

AKE once again presents the Harmony products live at the HOLZ-HANDWERK 2016 trade fair. Customers were already impressed by the particularly excellent efficiency and quality of the Harmony products during previous trade fairs (HOLZ-HANDWERK 2014 and LIGNA 2015). This is one compelling reason why these products are also part of the completely new "Cutting 2.0" concept.