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Steel cutting


Wagner by AKE represents exceptionally high-performance circular saw blades for cutting steel, non-ferrous metals and composite materials. Our customers are specialists in all sectors of the metalworking industry. We provide them with cost-effective high-tech solutions to enable them to sustainably improve their production processes.

Our new metal range provides you with an overview of the Wagner by AKE product range.

Our high-performance precision circular saw blade catalogue also contains cutting-edge technology to enable you to sustainably improve your product processes.

Tube Extreme cut – the special circular saw blade for tubes

With a special multi-layer coating for optimum cutting performance, this circular saw blade is designed for cutting thin-walled tubes and profiles.

Its particularly small pitch enables exceptionally high feed rates and ensures that tools are extremely easy to guide. This results in a particularly clean saw cut and, thanks to the extremely thin cutting width, a significant improvement to the material yield.

Tube heavy|cut & tube heavy+|cut

The new precision-circular saw blades of the tube|cut - product family

For processing of high-alloyed and high-strength tubes and profiles. An optimised coating method ensures a higher cutting performance, thus providing the possibility to reduce the machining time.

With the tube|cut - saw blades high-quality and at the same time almost burr-free cuts can be achieved.

  • For universal application in tubes and profiles
  • For high-alloyed and high-strength steels
  • For almost burr-free cuts
  • For all bulk cut and flying cold circular sawing machines

Wall thickness > 3mm

tube |cut

Cutting speed: 150-280 m/min

Tooth speed: 0.02-0.10mm

tube heavy|cut

Cutting speed: 80-280 m/min

Tooth speed: 0.02-0.12mm

Wall thickness < 3mm

tube extreme|cut

Cutting speed: 150-280 m/min

Tooth speed: 0.02-0.05mm

tube heavy|cut

Cutting speed: 80-280 m/min

Tooth speed: 0.02-0.12mm


For low-alloyed steel, strength up to 1,200 N/mm2


For high-alloyed steel, strength over 1,200 N/mm2

For stainless steels

Providing perfect cutting solutions

We supply the following industries, among others:

  • Steel and pipe mills
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Contracted sawmills
  • Wheel set and rail manufacturers
  • Copper smelters
  • Forging plants
  • Automotive sector
  • Foundries
  • Drawing mills
  • Tool manufacturers
  • Mechanical engineering industry
  • Sawing machine manufacturers
  • Steel Merchants