AKE offers shank type or router cutter solutions for all applications in the area of cutting wood, wood-based materials and special materials.

In today’s fast paced environment we can offer, AKE, cost effective cutting tool solutions in numerous mediums. Our solutions use optimised cutting tool materials selected specifically for the required application, whether nesting, small runs or large production environments. The tools used range from carbide-tipped milling cutters to solid carbide milling cutters through to tools with diamond cutting edges.

These AKE shank type cutters achieve the best possible results, both for tradespeople and for industrial applications, and are among the leading products.

Nested Based Manufacture (NBM) or nesting is a process perfectly suited to the small to medium producers who produces, in small volumes, customized products. A full sheet is loaded on the machine's table then components are drilled and cut from the one single sheet. Tooling necessary to successful nest must reflect the material being processed, the machine and the customer’s needs. AKE are proud to have a suite of German produced tools ready to meet these challenges.

Surfacing Tools

Without a well prepared foundation success is very difficult.

surfacing tool

The role of the surfacing tool is often underrated when infact it is extremely important. The surfacing tool both calibrates the spoil board and gives a finish that ensures the very best vacuum for the workpiece. Regular use of the surfacing tool will ensure better nesting cutter life and the best finish on the material being cut. For those chasing the fastest speed and the best finish consider surfacing tools with HSK63F or SK30 direct interface.

Product Range

<td >40015805<td >Part Number <td >Diamond Tools<td ><td >10199043<td >10199045130x3.5x25x95 z=5 PCD Surfacing ToolBuy Online<td >10199846130x3.5x95 z=5 HSK Plus PCD Surfacing ToolBuy Online
Part Number Disposable Tipped Tools  
80x12x75x20 Disposable Tip Surfacing Tool Buy Online
100x3.5x20x88 z=4 PCD Surfacing Tool Buy Online

Nesting Cutters

Tool selection is critical when aiming to maximise the output from expensive capital equipment.

Nesting Cutters

There are numerous critical factors when selecting the best compression cutter for each application. The belief in the product comes from the fact that the Salestech AKE team have optimised their tooling range to ensure maximum output and best finish.

Most commonly solid carbide compression cutters are recommended but when the application suits diamond tools are also recommended.

Panel Density

This table gives an indication of the density of commonly machine products

<td >Particle Board<td >MDF<td >Compact LaminateUp to 15mm1500<td >High Pressure Laminate1.3mm1500<td >Melamine0.181574<td >Plywood12-25mm550-700<td >HDF12-18mm910<td >MDF – light10-29mm600
Product Thickness Density (kg/m3)
9-35mm 600
10-19mm 740-750

The solid carbide range of tools can be offered in two, three or four wings depending on the application. Tool selection is determined by factors such as:

  • Material processed – see table above
  • Desired Finish
  • Equipment
  • Chucking

AKE diamond tooling is suitable where the application calls for it. Such an example is routing board material laminated with high pressure laminate (HPL). Nesting HPL with standard carbide tools will result in extremely poor edge life. However, nesting with diamond tools will potentially reduce feed speeds making selection critical. Please contact us to discuss these applications further.


This application is often overlooked and can often take longer than routing process.


When looking for machinery optimisation never disregard drilling. Poor quality drills will flex and even break. AKE offer the “Extreme” range of drills which compliment the nesting process perfectly by achieving the very best edge quality and longest tool life. This is achieved with micro grain carbide ground with a special rigid centre point geometry coupled with a reinforced spur. The enlarged gullets and thinner core reduces cutting pressure meaning the drill can stand high feed speeds.


Rigid centre point due to acute angle and reinforced spur result in a longer tool service life.


Enlarged chip grooves. the thinner core of the centre point area reduces the feed force and improves the chip removal.

Solid Carbide Manufacture and Sharpening

Experience high precision solid carbide tooling. Trust a company who understand your application.

Solid Carbide

Carbide selection and tool design specific to your needs. Special tool design and production. Tool resharpening to a level above all others.

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