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Acoustic Panel Production - We Got This!

by Laura Hartwig
Acoustic Panel Production - We Got This!

Efficiency is our Priority


State-of-the-art aggregate technology, used in CNC machines, drives the production of acoustic panels that provide optimal room acoustics in a variety of environments. Acoustic panel designs range from eye-catching perforated or grooved patterns to customized combinations. Whether perforated or grooved, the structural similarity remains, while predefined diameters of holes or slots provide the desired cavities.

To make the production of acoustic panels more efficient, special tools are used in CNC aggregates. The choice of aggregate depends on the desired pattern and the type of processing of the acoustic panels.


The DUO ULTRA LINE angular aggregate allows two tools to be clamped, enabling simultaneous milling of two grooves and thus creating several grooves.

For additional acoustic grooves, the MEGA CUTTER ULTRA LINE planing shaft aggregate offers the option of using several saw blades. The number and spacing of the saw blades are determined individually depending on the application and visual requirements of the acoustic panels.

Hole patterns are created in the acoustic elements by drilling holes in succession. The VERTI FUNCTION LINE multi-spindle aggregate enables multi-hole drilling in a single stroke, which saves time and enables individual hole patterns.

Acoustic panels made of soft materials can be processed efficiently with the SOFT CUTTER PRO FUNCTION LINE cutting aggregate.