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Processing Compact Laminate On A Flat Bed CNC

by Dipak Patil
Processing Compact Laminate On A Flat Bed CNC

Achieving good results when processing compact laminate on a flatbed CNC router is easily achievable with the correct tooling and cutting parameters.

With a density around two to three times of particle board and MDF care needs to be taken.

Small batches

Solid carbide tooling can handle small batches. Edge life and feed speed needs will be significantly lower when compared with most other products.

A great combination is a negative helix, short cut length spiral roughing cutter coupled with a combination profile and finishing tool.

This solution works extremely well for the cabinet maker running a small number of sheets for a specific application or a short run commercial application.

Large batches

When the batch size is larger and changing tools frequently becomes an issue then the answer is PCD.

The main dimensioning cutter can either have a roughing profile or straight finishing cut, either way, depending on the material thickness, multiple passes may be required.

Profiling tools need to be designed in such a way so that they don’t overly protrude into the spoil board – profile shape and tool design in this situation are paramount.

Floating Head Aggregates

When variation in thickness becomes an issue when profiling then consider an Atemag Soft Touch One floating head. The result will be a defined machining depth despite thickness variations.