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AKE At Ligna Exhibition 2019

by Dipak Patil
AKE At Ligna Exhibition 2019

The recent Ligna Exhibition 2019 held in Hannover, Germany was a success, with more than 90,000 visitors from over 100 countries attending. Ligna is the largest global timber exhibition, showcasing woodworking and wood processing plant, machinery and tools from participating brands and companies from all over the world.

AKE was part of the five-day event in May, with our exhibition focus on a variety of tools with the Cutting 2.0 technology. Through our AKE Innovation Centre exhibition stand, we presented the advantages of the 2.0 technology and the latest extensions.

In the Innovation centre, visitors get to pass through three areas: MARVELLING, SEEING, and TESTING.

First, the MARVELLING area. Visitors could have a look at the different 2.0 tools with their matching cutting samples. The exhibits included the AKE jointing cutter and shank cutter 2.0, both in the conventional design as well as in the Harmony design; the panel sizing saw blade 2.0; and the SuperSilent.

The SEEING area is a VR world, that allows visitors to watch short videos of our customers sharing their experiences with the 2.0 technology. Through these videos, visitors get to choose several machines for wood processing and learn about the unique advantages of the tools applied on the different machines. Those who did not get to visit the AKE stand, don’t worry – you may be able to soon watch these in the AKE VR-World app, that is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The last area in our Innovation Centre was TESTING. Here, visitors got to test the HP clamping system for themselves, to understand how it combines the advantages of different clamping systems and the easy tool change.

Thanks to the positive feedback from customers and visitors at the exhibition, we know that the 2.0 product family is greatly accepted and is on course to greater success. As such, the 2.0 product family will continue to be extended.

Among the latest developments, with 70 new and altogether almost 100 items, AKE is now offering a brand new, very extensive panel sizing programme based on the 2.0 technology.

To learn more about our top quality AKE products and solutions , please get in touch with our team at 03 9553 1883, or connect with us through Live Chat on weekdays, from 8.30am to 12pm.