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Cutting “Steel Laminate”

by Dipak Patil
Cutting “Steel Laminate”
Cutting steel laminate and MDF / chipboard are things which obviate each other.

The geometry and parameters for the laminate cutting are not able to cut the MDF / chipboard. The surface will be unusable. The best and economical way is to use solid carbide tools, something from the normal woodworking range.

For example:

If you’re using material with magnetic laminate on one side you can use Z 2 a cutter like 10014585 ∅16 x 35, S 16, R/R Z 2 (good side down)

If you’re using material with magnetic laminate on both sides you can use an up/down cut cutter like 10022676 ∅ 16 x 42, S 16, R/R Z 2+2

The used carbide is not as hard as the one we used for the nesting cutters, so better for use in the magnetic laminate.

Rpm about 14.000
Feed speed 5 – 8 m/min
Rotation against feed
Use oscillating continuously by using the Z-Axis, 5-6 mm to receive an exactable performance


If it’s possible, don’t use a workpiece with an oversize of more than 2 mm each side. Otherwise, it’s a needed to have a pre-cut with a second tool, to pre-size the workpiece.

As with all difficult applications, the more stable and accurate the tool the better the result. Best results will be achieved when the above tools are paired with HP chucks.

To find the best cutting tools for your needs and purpose, get in touch with our team today. With our extensive experience in the industry, we can make solid recommendations that meet your requirements. Call 03 9553 1883 or email