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Atemag Aggregates – Optimise Your CNC Router

by Dipak Patil
Atemag Aggregates – Optimise Your CNC Router

In this fast-paced environment where cost continue to increase, it is good to know there are solutions available to get more value out of your expensive CNC router.

Some examples where this is possible include:

  • Sawing, brushing, sanding and moulder with the Mega Cutter
  • Sanding, grinding, and polishing with the Soft Grinder
  • Jointing cuts for Lamello Clamex with the Duo Line
  • All in one drilling for Lamello Cabineo fittings with the Verti Line

Couple your aggregate investment with the Control Chip 4.0 for total control.

AKE tooling coupled with Atemag’s precision gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. Drill faster, saw in ways you never thought possible or finish sand that work piece in one setup.