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Tornado Dust And Chip Extraction Nut

by Dipak Patil

The Tornado Nut by Salestech helps with the removal of waste typically but not exclusively when nesting. Simply the Tornado Nut replaces the standard nut on your collet chuck with the collet locking into the Tornado Nut. The vortex created by the nut lifts the waste from the table enabling the overhead dust extraction to remove the waste. With the waste removed your tool life is extended, your quality of cut is improved and the working environment is cleaner and healthier. Tornado Nut is a worthy accessory to have along with your other Routing Tools.

  • Tool Body in light alloy
  • Tool weight 0.4kg
  • Balanced at G2.5
  • Maximum RPM = 20,000 RPM – ideal working RPM 16,000-18,000 RPM
  • Optimal gap between nut and workpiece is 3-8mm – Standard AKE compression router 3/8x22x75 z=3 10199571 is at 7.50mm
  • Maximum tool diameter 70 mm

Chip Extraction Comparison

Without Tornado Nut:

With Tornado Nut:

Tool Setup