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Invest In Chip Quality And Increased Up Time

by Dipak Patil
Invest In Chip Quality And Increased Up Time

In today’s world where chip quality is critical, and downtime is the enemy of mill managers the world over Salestech strive to offer tailored solutions, ensuring you end up with equipment that is durable, efficient and precise.

Chippers have many wearing parts which benefit from a tungsten carbide tool or wear area. It is not unusual that the tungsten carbide offers wear resistance 3-6 times longer than the normal tool steel. Tungsten carbide is also highly abrasion and wear resistant and can withstand higher temperatures than standard high-speed cutting tools, making them ideal for machining through materials such as stainless steel. Tungsten carbide tools also maintain a sharper cutting edge in comparison to other tools, hence producing a better finish on parts, whereas its temperature resistance allows faster machining.

Many wear proof parts are available ex stock for common machines to ensure quick delivery while Salestech offer technical support for less common applications. Items that are well suited for wear proof parts include:
• Counter Knives
• Knife holders and clamps
• Vertical Anvils
• Horizontal Anvils
• Feed plates
• Disk Wear Plates

In some applications, these parts can even be retipped for additional use and therefore further reducing the investment.

Contact AKE Sales Tech for wear proof parts that will make your production process more efficient and cost-effective.