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Using Harmony Tools For Precision In Your Jointing Fold Cutter

by Dipak Patil
Using Harmony Tools For Precision In Your Jointing Fold Cutter

Harmony tools are jointing fold cutters that are tailor-made to align with the requirements of the latest laser cutting technology. These can be used with all machines and materials in modern furniture making. The new AKE Harmony Tools come with cutting edge geometry, making them a perfect fit for joining, folding and cutting operations on stationary and through feed machines. These tools can be used both by carpenters and industrial woodworking applications. Their cutting edge geometry allows them to achieve exceptional milling quality with excelled tool life.

These jointing cutters achieve superior milling quality with excelled tool life, working on surfaces ranging from solid wood to fragile décor. They can also be used for longitudinal/transverse machining for improved chip collection when working with fibrous materials. They are extremely cost-effective too due to a significantly longer tool life, reducing the need to frequently change them. The interaction of the axis angle and rake angle prevents any repeated chip cutting and ensures that the chips are discharged directly.

Harmony tools are optimised to ensure easy servicing. With a maximum axis angle of 54°, the tool is easy to re-sharpen. This can be done on any standard diamond eroding machines, without requiring any additional equipment, allowing for easy maintenance. The tool offers the benefits of Harmony tools for use on table milling cutters too, with its large axis angle, folding cutting edge and its special chip gullets.

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