Shank Type Cutters

AKE offers end mill solutions for all applications in the area of cutting wood, wood-based materials and special materials. AKE demonstrates its strengths in particular through its ability to implement customer requirements quickly with cost-effective, cutting-edge AKE tools.

Our solutions use optimised cutting tool materials selected specifically for the required application. The tools used range from carbide-tipped milling cutters to solid carbide milling cutters through to tools with diamond cutting edges. These AKE end mills achieve the best possible results, both for tradespeople and for industrial applications,  and are among the leading products in the field.

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  1. HW Compression Cutter Z2
    HW Compression Cutter Z2
    Part Number: 10200160
  2. HW Compression Router Z3
    HW Compression Router Z3
    Part Number: 10199571
  3. HW Compression Cutter Z3
    HW Compression Cutter Z3
    Part Number: 10203543
  4. HW Compression Cutter 10mm Z2
    HW Compression Cutter 10mm Z2
    Part Number: 10200161
  5. HW Compression Cutter 10mm Z3
    HW Compression Cutter 10mm Z3
    Part Number: 10200162
  6. Upcut 8.2mm Compression Cutter
    Upcut 8.2mm Compression Cutter
    Part Number: 10203555
  7. PCD Surfacing Tool Z4
    PCD Surfacing Tool Z4
    Part Number: 10199043
  8. SK30 Collet Chuck 2-20mm ER32 / 470E
  9. Collet chuck  HSK63F 60 A80 for 462E
  10. Precision  collet  9,5MM  ER32 (470E)  3/8
  11. Precision collet 33/10 ER 32 470E
  12. Precision collet 33/12 ER 32 470E

Items 1-12 of 17

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