Circular Saw Blades

For any circular saw blade produced in Germany, by AKE, you can follow the entire in-house development process, from a piece of sheet metal through to a high-tech tool.

AKE’s application engineers take the greatest of care to ensure the quality of the tool is first class offering our customers unique solutions.

The production facility in Balingen – Southern Germany, are an exceptionally experienced workforce in all stages of saw blade manufacturing, coupling high-tech manufacturing with exceptional Swabian craftsmanship. In order to cost-effectively manufacture products to the highest standards of quality, AKE use cutting-edge machinery, including laser cutting systems, heat treatment plants and CNC machines.

There are nevertheless still areas that require manual work. The in-house straightening workshop, of circular saw blades are manually straightened, as no CNC machine can match the ability and precision of a practised straightener.

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